Fri. 9/11 – Sept. 11th 2001

Learning Targets

I CAN REFLECT upon my current understanding of the events of Sept 11th


To start today’s lesson, we will watch CNN Student News presentation on Sept 11th:


The Main Course

In the hopes of gaining some understanding of the events of Sept 11th, together as a class we will reflect upon the 5 W’s of this event.

In groups of 3-4, we will try the best we can to identify the When, Where, Who, What it is, and WHY?

We will also try to identify ways in which these events have changed the world today.


We will be using the following tool to help us work through some images that relate to the events of the day.

Political Cartoon Evaluator

Here are the images we will look at:


Extra Resource:

This is an actual broadcast from the day.

Here are a few key sections that document the days progression :

Introduction- 0 – 5:30

Part II – 12:00 – 18:00

Presidential Message – 39:00 – 42:00

Pentagon Attack: 55:00 – 57:45

First Fall- 1:08:00 – 1:14:00

Second Fall – 1:36:00 – 1:45:00


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