Mon. 03 / 14 – Andrew Jackson

Learning Targets

I can Identify factors in the early life of Andrew Jackson that came to define his personality and style of presidency

I can Explain who Andrew Jackson was considered the president of the Common Man.

The Lesson

Unfortunately do to time restrictions we will only be spending one day on a very brief overview of the presidency of Andrew Jackson.

In class we will be watching a number of short videos that give us a glance into the upbringing and early trials that Andrew Jackson faced.

Video 1


  1. Why did Andrew Jackson develop a hatred of the British at a young age?

  2. Please give a brief description of the early life of Andrew Jackson? (4 sentences)

Video 2


3. How did Andrew Jackson’s first duel end?

4. Why did Andrew Jackson not see himself as a “good” politician? (2 sentences)

Video 3


5. Why was Andrew Jackson called “Old Hickory”?

6. What was the name of the influential Indian Chief that stressed the need to have unity among all Indian tribes in order to fight against the American invasion of Indian lands?

Video 4


7. Why did Jackson’s adoption of an Indian child become so controversial?

 Additional Support Video:


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