Wed. 5/4 – Creating your own Utopia

For this project, students will have the opportunity to create and design their own perfect society. By including the ideas and motives of the American Reform movements in Unit 5, students will get to build their own perfect society by constructing a government and economic structure as well as a education system.

Learning Targets

I CAN CREATE my idea of perfect society


What are some Tv shows / Movies / and Books

that focus on the creation of a “Perfect Society”?

The Main Course

For this activity, Students will be working as individuals or groups of 2 / 3. Together, students will be creating a rough outline for the foundation of their perfect society.

Students will use the following document to help create their Utopia:

The next day students will draw and label a image or their ideal society.

Here are some helpful images:




Looking back on our question about the media portrayal of a perfect society, in all of these cases, why is a perfect society not possible?


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