Wed. 9/14 – Iroquois Confederacy “The Great Law of Peace”

Learning Targets

 I CAN DESCRIBE a Representative Democracy

I CAN EXPLAIN how the Iroquois Confederacy provided a governmental model for the foundation of the Constitution

brainstormWhat do you think of when you hear the word DEMOCRACY?

The Main Course

Today we will be looking into the Iroquois Confederacy and the influence that it had upon the creation and adaption of Representative Democracy in America.

Please watch the following video to help set up what the Iroquois Confederacy is and how it created the Great Law of Peace

Now lets take a closer look into how and why this model of government worked

As we read along, we will be highlighting any of the key parts.

Iroquois Confederacy cartoon_How it works

Before we move on we should Define Democracy and Representative Democracy in our Notebooks.

Democracy: A government in which citizens hold the power to rule

Representative Democracy: A government in which citizens choose a smaller group to govern on their behalf.

The Iroquois Indian Great Law of Peace was used as a model for the United State’s Constitution for protecting individuals freedoms and rights.

Now that we have had a chance to briefly examine this process, I think that it might be best to try it out.

Within the groups you are seating in, we will be making a new school dress code.


Your responsibilities for this experiment are as follows:

1. In your groups, create three rules you would like to see changed to the school dress code with explanations for these rules.


2. Listen to the other groups ideas.

3. Create a finalized list of three new rules that all the groups can agree on.

Just to get the full experience, Let us use the same guidelines as well

How the Confederacy worked

To Set the right atmosphere, why don’t we set up a classroom fire.

Tonight’s Wednesday Night Homework:

Iroquois Confederacy HW


2 thoughts on “Wed. 9/14 – Iroquois Confederacy “The Great Law of Peace”

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  2. Mr. Stanley ~ Awesome connection between dress code (high student interest) and the U.S. Constitution! Thanks for keeping the students engaged! Mrs. Williamson 🙂

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