Thurs 9/15- The Mayflower Compact

Learning Targets

I CAN Define the purpose of the Mayflower Compact



If you were one of the Pilgrims coming over to the “New World”,

What are the 3 most important laws you would want to have established?

The Main Course

For Today’s lesson we will introduced to the political challenges that the pilgrims faced when coming to the new world.

We will first start with reviewing the first colony of Jamestown and the struggles that this group faced. 



We will now share our list from the warm up question and write these on the board as we go along.

Mayflower Compact

On pg 24 in our workbooks, we will write the following heading and draw a picture of a boat.




Under the Image please write:


MAYFLOWER COMPACT: a set of laws created to govern the colony.


The Mayflower Compact influenced the creation of early American Law; Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

The Mayflower compact was a written document that the Pilgrims had created to establish basic rules and laws that they all agreed to follow.



To help reinforce today’s lesson, students will complete the following activity in their workbook:

 Additional Video:


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