Mon. 9/19 & Tues 9/20 – The 13 American Colonies

Learning Targets

I CAN IDENTIFY the 13 original colonies

I CAN DEFINE the term Colony

I CAN CREATE a map of the 13 Original Colonies


The “4W’s of the 13 Colonies

What European country founded the 13 colonies?

When did the first European colony start?

Where on the American continent are the colonies located?

Why did they come to America?

The Main Course

To start class we will watch the second half of the Story of US video to highlight the Pilgrim experience and the spread of growth through the colonies.

After, we will address the warm up question and identify the 4 W’s of American Colonization.


Using the provided maps below we will be filling in the following map of the 13 American Colonies

13 Colonies Outline Map – A copy of the outline map

Here are links for the 2 maps you will need to fill in the outline map:

pg.86 map of 13 colonies       pg A-27 Atlas for land forms


To help get a sense of the important info for this section we will define the following notes in our book:

COLONY: a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country.

The American Colonies were under the control of Great Britain.

The colonies were created as a way to bring Wealth, Power, and Property to Great Britain.

The Colonies were a great source of natural resources, farm land, and strategic lands.

Using our created maps, we will label the following map on the Smartboard:


Now that we have refreshed our Geography of the East coast and the 13 colonies, we will document the different regions of the Northern , Middle, and Southern Colonies by completing the following brace map.

13colonies brace map


To help pull together the important information and key land forms, we will complete and turn in the following assignment:

13 colonies Map and Graphs


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