Wed. 9/21 – The French and Indian War

Learning Targets

I CAN EXPLAIN how the effects of the French and Indian War lead to tension between the colonists and Great Britain

I CAN ANALYZE the interactions with the royal government of Great Britain after the French and Indian War.


Have you ever been told NOT to go somewhere but you went anyway?

If so, why did you disobey,  was it worth it and what were the consequences?


The Main Course

To provide us with a quick background of the French and Indian War, we will watch the following video:

Now that we have some understanding of how the war started and the effects that came from it, lets look at how it will come to effect the relationship between the colonists and the king of Great Britain :

French and Indian War Cartoon

To help us understand the geographic effects that this war will have on the continent, we will complete the following map activity in class (pg. 43 in our workbook):

North America Changes Hands


If you were part of a Native American tribe caught in the middle of this battle what would you choose to do and why:

1 – Fight with the British because they are stronger and if they win they they will help preserve your people

2 – Fight with the French because they do not plan to farm the land, but rather continue a fur trade and leave the land the way it is

Additional Resources:


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