Thurs. 9/22 – The Kings Taxes

Today we will be undergoing a classroom activity that will help us to experience the frustration and anger toward the position of king that the colonists were having  before the Revolutionary War.

Learning Targets

I CAN EXPLAIN why the colonists were becoming upset with many of the new taxes that were being placed on the American Colonies.

I CAN REFLECT on my experiences as either a colonist, a member of Parliament, or the King.

The Main Course

To start this activity I will first pick a student who will be the class King for the day. This King will then pick two member of his Parliament

All other members of the class will be considered Colonists and will receive a random amount of paper money

As the King and member Parliament, these students will have the power to create any kind of tax on the class that they sees fit.

Some common examples are:  a red shirt tax, black hair tax, sandal tax, glasses / braces tax, etc

As a tax is created and given a specific amount that will need to be payed, the members of Parliament will have to go around and collect the taxes from the other members of the class (Colonists)

This activity will continue until the colonist run out of money, refuse to pay their taxes, start an uprising.


At the end of this activity the students will write a R.A.F.T. reflection on their experience as either a colonist, King or member of Parliament.

Role – colonist, King, Parliament member

Audience – to the colonies

Formate – Essay (Reflective)

Topic – How did you do under the Kings Taxes?


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