Tues 9/26 & Wed 9/27 – The Declaration of Independence

 For the next two days we will be looking into the creation of the Declaration of Independence. By looking back on the number of topics we have covered in the past two weeks, all of these items of frustration and anger will soon lead our American Colonists to finally declare their separation from Great Britain.

Learning Targets

I CAN explain the purpose of the Declaration of Independence.



The Main Course

Today we will be looking the Declaration of Independence through the reading entitled Lesson 7: “What the Basic Ideas about the Government were in the Declaration of Independence.

Lesson 7 Guided Reading- Dec of Ind.

Lesson 7 Declaration of Independence Questions

We will read through the reading together and highlight the important parts of the reading that go along with the questions.


Here is a sample of a little trick I have up my sleeve to start today:

After this illustration it is fair to say that the Declaration of Independence could be viewed as a very large break up letter to the King of England. And if this is the case, History only begs the questions: “If the colonies were to make a break up song about the King, what would it sound like?” Here it is:




Here are a few more good videos that relate to the Declaration of Independence:


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