Thurs 9/29 – Unit 1 Test Review and Mon – 10/3 Test

Thursday 9/29

Today we will work on the review for the Unit 1 Test.

Unit 1 Test Review

We will focus on the following topics that we have covered in the past 5 weeks:

– The League of the Iroquois and their use of Representative Democracy and how it influenced the foundation of our U.S. Constitution

– The purpose of the Mayflower Compact

– John Locke’s concept of Natural Rights, the creation of a Social Compact and the purpose of government

– The purpose and influence of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense

– The creation of The Declaration of Independence as a reflection of John Locke’s ideas on the purpose of Government and the Rights of the individual


Advanced American History:

We will focus on this units Essential Question:

Please explain how the ideas of John Locke and Thomas Paine influenced Thomas Jefferson in the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

To help us break this question down, we will use the following thinking map to help aid in response:

Unit 1 Extended Response Thinking Map



Monday 10/3

Unit 1 Test


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