Thurs. 10/6 -Friday 10/7- The Legacy of the War

Today we will be reading about some of the struggles that our country will have to face now that the Revolution is over. There will be a number of economic, political and geographic issues that we as a country will have to resolve as we struggle to form a new form of government.

Learning Targets

I CAN IDENTIFY the 4 major advantages that the colonists had in the Revolutionary war

I CAN EXPLAIN the major political issues that America would face now that the war was over


Please explain what the provided picture is saying about the relationship between the American Colonies and Great Britain


The Main Course

After this we will work in groups of 4 to break up a thinking map about the Legacy of the American Revolution.

Today’s Resources:

Today’s Reading:

 Chapter 7.4 The Legacy of War

Today’s thinking map in our notebook:

7.4 Thinking Map

3 Big Idea Questions:

1. Please explain how each side carried out the terms of the Treaty of Paris

2. What were the economic costs on Soldiers and governments from the war?

3. How did the idea of Republicanism shape the America after the war?



In our Groups, we will think about how the for following groups were both positively and negativity effected by an American Victory in the war.


Extra Resource:


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