Thurs. 10/13 – “Shays Rebellion”

Today we will be looking at the causes and effects of Shays Rebellion. Who was more to blame for this event “The actions of Rebellions Farmers or the inability of a New Government?

Learning Targets

I CAN EXPLAIN the economic and political reasons why farmers / past revolutionary soldiers were rebelling against their state governments

I CAN EXPLAIN why the National Government could not get involved or solve the problem. 


To help understand the problems that farmers were facing in New England, we will briefly discuss the situation that last nights wed night homework presented to the students. In this activity students are introduced to a farmer who was given paper money from the continental government in exchange for their service in the Revolutionary War. The problem that they are facing is that the state government will not except these dollars for state taxes and are taking their farm lands.

As a few students in class are given some paper money, I as the government now tell them I will only take Silver or Gold for their taxes. Since they cannot pay and only have the worthless paper money I gave them, I choose to either take their backpack or send them to debtors prison (the hallway).

After this, we connect this to the current state that  Daniel Shay is before he decides to rise up against this severe injustice.

The Main Course

Today we will watch the following video:



Additional Videos:


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