Tuesday 10/18- Fri. 10/21: The Constitutional Convention

Learning Targets

I can DEFINE what the Constitutional Convention is

I can IDENTIFY the 4 major compromises made during the Constitutional Convention.

I can EXPLAIN how the GREAT COMPROMISE resolved the issue of political representation. 


What was the purpose of the Articles of Confederation and why did they need to be replaced?

The Main Course


Today we will be reading the following section of the book to help identify the purpose of the Constitutional Convention.

Section 8-2 Creating the Constitution

Together as a class we will be filling in the needed information in the following outline:

 Section 8.2 GN



To help understand the key compromises that took place during the Constitutional Convention we will do a class power point to show the different issues and how they were resolved.

Power Point: the-need-for-compromise_constitutional-convention

Guided Notes:




Constitutional Convention Simulation

Today we will use our groups to represent the states at the Convention. Using provided Census data, each state will have to answer 5 key questions and then share out to the convention. Together we will decide on issue like the best plan for representation and how to count our countries slave population.


Extra Resources:

Thought Provoking Media:

Radio Lab Link: Listen to the time frame of 7:00 – 13:30


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