Mon. 10/31 – “FUTURE FRIGHT”: Why do we need a Bill of Rights?

Today we will be looking into a vision of an America that does not have a Bill of Rights. To do this, we will be watching a video that presents an America where the laws and protected liberties have been suspended in the hope of making a “Better” America.

Learning Targets

I CAN EXPRESS my feelings and concerns about the importance of having a Bill of Rights within a Democratic Society.


Which of these rights are the most important to you?

The freedom of Speech and Expression

The freedom from Illegal search and Seizure: Privacy Rights

The freedom of Due process of law and protection of cruel and unusual punishment?

The Main Course

Today we will be watching a video that will provide for us a portrayal of a U.S that has suspended the Bill of Rights. Now although this video is a bit overly dramatic and geared to generate frustration, the message that it creates is very clear: The freedoms and liberties that are secured to us as citizens of this country within the Bill of Rights are fundamental to who we are as a nation and a cornerstone to what we have come to stand for since our creation.

In today’s world where the definitions of privacy and liberty have become out dated to meet the growing changes brought about by our advancements in technology this video will give us a chance to free write our thoughts at the end of the video.    


After we have had a chance to watch the video we will then write a brief reflection on our thoughts in class. 

Please reflect back on your original decision for our brainstorm question. After watching this video, which is your most important right?


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