Tues 11/01 & Wed. 11/02 – The Bill of Rights

Learning Targets

I CAN EXPLAIN the purpose of the Bill of Rights

The Main Course

To start we will first define what the Bill of Rights are on our notes from the other day on the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

As students fill this is I will ask them to draw the following image at the bottom of the page:


We will use this image as a reference point to explain who the Bill of Rights is designed to protect the RIGHTS of the INDIVIDUALS against GOVERNMENTAL INTRUSION. What we now have to ask ourselves is ” when can the Government come into the bubble and when cant they?

We will also define the 3 following types of rights that are covered in the Bill of Rights:

Individual Freedoms: Things that you can do

Protection from Government Power: Things that the Government cannot do

Rights of the Accused: Rights that you get in court

Now that we have looked at the categories of our rights we will compete the following fill in the blank notes for the Bill of Rights:


To help us better understand these rights we will complete the following matching Bill of Rights activity in our notebook:

Bill of Rights Matching Activity

After we complete this activity we will want to go back then decide how these rights can be classified into our three category’s of Individual Rights, Protection from Government Power, and Rights of the accused.

Bill of Rights Category Sort

Advanced American History:

As homework, students will take the following article about the NSA home to read and provide a summery and reflection:


After we have done this we will take it a step further and look into the following situations and ask ourselves “Is This Constitutional?

Bill of Rights Test Cases


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