Mon 11/7 – The Electoral College

Today we will take a brief look into the process that we use in the U.S.A to elect our presidents. We will only take a one day look into this, thus saving the deeper study for next year in Civics class.

Learning Targets

I CAN DEFINE what the Electoral College is.

The Main CourseTo start today we will first define what the Electoral College is in our notebook.

As students are writing down the definition, each student will receive 1 – 2 different states from the US on a small piece of paper.

I will go on to show a map with the election results from the presidential election of 2012. On this map, it may appear that Mitt Romney should have won the election because of the amount of states as well as geographic size of area that voted for him. But then how did he lose?

I will then show the students a second map that show that distorts the size of the US stated based upon their population. This image shows that each states geographic size does not determine its value in a election but rather its population.

Connecting this idea of Republicanism into the process, we will need to refresh on the Great Compromise and its division of the Legislative Branch into 2 different houses. Each state is given a different amount of electoral votes based upon its representation in Congress.

Today’s Power Point: electoral-college

Now to show how this process plays out and how certain states have a greater effect on the election then other we will have a class election. Using the top two students from our class Primary last week.Each student will randomly get 1-2 states listed on a piece of paper to cast their ballot on. Once all ballots are cast we will read off each states results to get our winner.

 To help calculate the state votes we will use the following website:

270 To Win

 Additional Resource:


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