Thurs. 11/10 – The Preamble

Today we will be looking into the purpose of the Preamble of the Constitution. We will connect the six listed goals of the Constitution and see how they are expressed in the opening paragraph of the Constitution.

Learning Targets

I CAN IDENTIFY where each of  the 6 goals of the Constitution are reflected within the Preamble.


When writing a paper in English Class, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR OPENING PARAGRAPH?

The Main Course

Today we will be looking into the 6 goals of the Constitution.

In our notebooks we will be writing the following:

The main purpose of the Constitution  was to create a government that had proper limits placed on its power.

6 Goals of the Constitution

1. To create a nation in which states cooperate

2. Make just laws and fair courts

3. Maintain peace within the country

4. Protect the country against attack

5. Contribute to the happiness and well being of all people

6. Make sure all citizens remain free

After we go through each of these, we will then identify where they are expressed in the Constitution:


Preamble- the first paragraph of the Constitution

Today’s Guided Notes: 6 Goals of the Constitution

Today’s Power Point: 6 Goals of the Constitution

To show how these goals are expressed in the Preamble, we will read the Preamble together as a class. As we read each part we can see that each of the 6 goals listed above are directly reflected in the different parts of the Preamble.

This should help:

Please don’t be like this:


We will then look at the following worksheet that asks the students to illustrate each part of the Preamble in a picture of their choice. They will use the listed goals as a guideline to show each parts meaning.

TODAY’S ASSIGNMENT: The Preamble Worksheet


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