Mon 11/14 – Separation of Powers

Today we will be taking a closer look into the Constitutional Principle: Separation of Powers. We will be taking a broad overview of each of the 3 branches. We will answer who is in each branch and what their responsibilities are.

Learning Targets

I CAN IDENTIFY each of the 3 branches of Government, their purpose, and the key figure within them.

I CAN EXPLAIN why the powers of Government were separated into 3 parts.

brainstormPlease explain a time when you had a job to do and found that it was easier to divide the work into different parts. 

Today we will be looking into why our Constitution decided why it would be best to divide our governments power and responsibilities into three different branches. To help us understand how and why we have decided to set up our Government this was please watch the following short video:

Separation of Powers Video

After this we will be filling in the following Thinking map for our notebook.

Guided Notes: Separation of Powers

Class Power Point:Separation of Powers

 Additional Resource:


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