Tues. 11/15 – Checks and Balances

Today we will be using our notes from Monday on the Separation of Power to help reinforce our understanding of the 3 branches of government. We will also get into some analysis of the powers that exist between these 3 branches that are designed to keep power within our government balanced (Checks and Balances)

Learning Targets

I CAN IDENTIFY the different branches of the government and their key figures and purpose

I CAN INTERPRET a Checks and Balances flow map


3 branch people

If you could pick a part of the government to be in, Which branch do you think you would do the best?

(Please list your 3 reasons / skills / abilities)

Executive   –   Legislative   –    Judicial

(honestly consider your personal strengths and weaknesses) 

The Main Course

Today we will be looking into the checks and balances that exist between the three different branches of government.To help understand how these branches work, we will play out a scenario of designing a school lunch:

Separation of Powers Activity

Once finished we will complete the following assignment as home work to help enforce the use of checks and balances.

TODAY ASSIGNMENT:   Separation of Powers_Checks and Balances WS

Advanced American History

Home Work: Balance of Power Wed Night Homework

Extra Resources:



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