Wed. 12/7 – Fri 12/9- Chapter 9.1 Washington’s Presidency


Today we will be reading about some of the initial obstacles that George Washington would face early in his presidency. As the first president, Washington would not only have to set a path for the office of president but also create some major parts of our government that are still in use today.

Learning Targets

I CAN Identify the 2 major governmental creations that were made during Washington’s presidency.

I CAN Identify the three goals of Hamilton’s Financial Plan

brainstormIf you were allowed to be president of the school for one day, What is the most important thing that you would like to accomplish and why?

As the nation’s first president George Washington had the responsibility of setting the example of what a president could do.

The Main Course

Today we will be reading the first part of section 9.1 as a class and filling in the provided guided notes as we go along.

Today’s Reading: 9.1 Washington’s Presidency

Today’s Power Point: 9.1 Washington’s Presidency

Today’s Guided Notes from the workbook (pg.11 &12)

Wed Night Homework:

George Washington Reading



Once we have finished the Guided Notes we will then individually complete the following assignment that will help put the information that used in this lesson  into a more effective format.

Outcomes of Hamiltons Financial Plan




To help place better emphasis upon the struggles that were going to take place between Hamilton and Jefferson, we will listen to the following rap battle between the two men and then go back over the lyrics and determine what they mean.


Additional Resource:


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