Tues 12/13 – Wed 12/14: Chapter 9.2 – Challenges to the New Government


Today we will be looking into some of the major challenges that our country had to face early in its development. As we will see, these challenges will range everywhere from territory disputes with Native Americans, domestic uprisings and radical revolutions in Europe that will test our allegiances to either the French or the British.

Learning Targets

I CAN explain how  the treaties of Greenville, Jay’s and Pinckney lead to the expansion of the U.S.

I CAN Evaluate the decision of the U.S. to remain neutral during the conflicts between Great Britain and the French during their revolution.

I CAN Explain of the Cause and Effect of the Whiskey Rebellion were related to the ideas of Alexander Hamilton



What are some of the challenges that you expect to encounter when you get to High School?

The Main Course

Tuesday: Today we will be working in groups and will be reading Section 9.2 and filling in the following guided questions:

Here are the needed documents:

Today’s Reading from the book- 9.2 Challenges to the New Government

Graphic Think Sheet – 9-2-graphic-think-sheet

Wed: Today we will share out our answers and I will help to better explain each of the topics through illustrations and examples.
final_thoughtsPlease identify as many things as you can that helps explain how this image is trying to explain the Whiskey Rebellion.

whiskey rebellion


Additional Resource:





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