Thurs 12/15-Friday 12/16- Jefferson Vs. Hamilton

For the next two days we will be learning about two fundamental figures in American History that set the course of the ideological and political future of our country. Finding themselves within a country that is facing numerous different obstacles on its path to establishing itself both at home and abroad, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton provided very different visions of the future of America.

Learning Targets

I CAN Identify the different beliefs and ideals of Thomas Jefferson or Alexander  Hamilton

I CAN EXPRESS my personal feelings about which ideas are better. 


The Main Course

Now that we have been introduced to some of the differences that exist between these two men, we will individually be reading the following readings on each of the men

Here are the Provided Readings: Jefferson_Hamilton Readings

Answer Sheet for the readings: Bio Brief on Jefferson_Hamilton

Before we read the background section about Alexander Hamilton, we will watch the following video to help us better understand the true conditions of his childhood.



 Using the cartoon illustrations on pg 30 and 31 in our class notebook, Please complete the following guided activity to help direct you in the creation of one – two paragraphs that effectively explain your support for the ideas of either Hamilton or Jefferson.

Guided Activity:         Who Do You Support






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