Mon 12/19 -Wed 12/21 – 9.3 The Federalists in Charge

Learning Targets

I can DESCRIBE the advise that George Washington gave on the issues of political parties and foreign policy in his farewell address.

I can EXPLAIN the connection that Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton have to the birth of our counties first political parties

I can EXPLAIN both parties views of the National Government and Economy

I can IDENTIFY the purpose and intent of the Alien and Sedition Acts

The Main Course

In his wake he will leave the Nation with a warning on the dangers of Political Parties and some advise on Foreign Policy. Not to mention a country that will find itself deeply divided between the political views of the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton and the Newly created Democratic-Republicans led by the ideals of Thomas Jefferson.

Will we read the chapter 9.3 together and fill in a set of guided notes for our notebook as we go along.


 Chapter 9.3 The Federalists in Charge


9.3 The Federalists in Charge GN

Additional Resources:

The XYZ Affair

The Alien and Sedition Act


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