Tues. 1/10 – 10.1 The Jefferson Presidency

Learning Targets

I can explain why President Jefferson tried to weaken the strength of the Federal Government.

I can explain the purpose of judicial review

I can connect the creation of judicial review to the court case: Marbury vs Madison


In your opinion,  what are three issues that are currently dividing our nation?

The Main Course

Today students will read the following section and answer the guided questions :

The Election of 1800:

  • What were the Democratic Republicans and Federalists each fighting for in this election?

Breaking the Tie:

  • Why did Alexander Hamilton help Jefferson win?

Jefferson’s Philosophy

  • What kind of America did Jefferson want to see?

Undoing the Federalist Programs:

  • Why did Hamilton believe having public debt was good?

Marshall and the Judiciary:

  • Why was Jefferson unable to change control of the Supreme Court?

Today’s Reading:   10.1 Jefferson Takes Office

Today’s Guided Notes: 10.1 Jefferson Takes Office Guided Notes

Tonight’s Homework:

Wed Night HW – The Election of 1800

Additional Resources:

The Election of 1800 Political Ads:

The Duel:

Judicial Review:


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