Tues 1/17- Thurs. 1/19 Chapter 10.3 & 10.4 “The War of 1812”

Today we will be looking into the War of 1812. To get a good look at the reasons why this conflict arose and what were its lasting effects on the world, we will be identifying the 3 major causes and effects of the war through the reading of select paragraphs in chapter 10.3 and 10.4

Learning Targets

I CAN CREATE a War of 1812 “Cause and Effect”Flow Map



The Main Course

Today we will be using the following readings from the book:

10.3 The Problems with Foreign Powers

Guided Notes- 10-3-guided-notes

PowerPoint- 10-3-guided-notes-power-point

10.4 The War of 1812

Using select paragraphs from these readings we will filling in the following flow chart:

war of 1812 flow map

To help reinforce the connection between the two chapters and their content we will read the following reading together and create a time line of the key events of the War.

Star Spangled Banner

To help bring to light awesomeness of the destruction of DC and the intervention of natural forces we will watch the following video:


Additional Resources:

How the Great Lakes were fought over in the War of 1812



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