Mon 1/23- “The Changing Relationships between the US & the World”

For the next two days we will begin to take a broad look at how the US was beginning to find its place in the changing world. By looking at a number of important treaties and events that took place during our time period in history, we will analyze how the US was beginning to become effected by number of European nations.



Learning Targets

I CAN IDENTIFY The purpose of the Monroe Doctrine.

I can EXPLAIN the America’s changing relationship with other nations and our expanding boundaries through treaties


What is the purpose of a “Treaty”?


The Main Course

We will be using the following document to write our thoughts and information down on:

The Changing Relationships between the U.S. and the World

Needed Resources:

-French Revolution and Treaties-

Reading: 9.2 Challenges to the New Government

-Louisiana Purchase-

Reading: 10.2 The Louisiana Purchase and Explorationlouis and clark

 -The War of 1812-

Readings; 10.3 The Problems with Foreign Powers

                   10.4 The War of 1812

Class Notes : war of 1812 flow map


Monroe Doctrine / Transcontinental Treaty

Chapter 11.3 Reading: 11.3 Nationalism vs. Sectionalism


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