Monday 2/06 – Introduction to Slavery in the U.S.

Learning Targets

I can explain the how and why the Trans – Continental Trade brought slaves over to the Americas

I can explain the connection between the use of slavery, the production of cotton, and the geographic features of the South

brainstormHow did slavery come over to the U.S.?

The Main Course

Today we will be looking into the institution of Slavery.

With a topic as sensitive as this we must first start to ask our selves some fundamental questions like

Why did we use slavery? , How did it get here?, Where did it come from?

In our notebook will be looking into these questions as well as reviewing some factors of slavery in the U.S that we have already covered so far in our studies.

Today’s Notes: Introduction To Slavery

Today’s Power Point: Introduction to Slavery

After we have discussed the first portion of the notes we will watch this short portion of “The Story of U.S : Division” and discuss our thoughts.


How did this video Clip make you feel?


 “When did Education stop being Dangerous?”

Extra Resource


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