Tues. 2/7:Nat Turner’s Rebellion

Learning Targets

I can Identify the major effects of the Nat Turner Rebellion

brainstormWhy do you think it was illegal to educate slaves in the South?

What were they afraid would happen?

The Main Course

Today we will finish up with the first part of our lesson on slavery.

Using the notes and power point from our intro lesson we will look into the major effects Nat Turners Rebellion had on the South.

Last Year a movie came out about this topic:

To help emphasis the severity of this event we will watch this short video:

To place a greater emphasis on this topic we will complete the following reading and questions:


Now that we have had a chance to look into the effects of this rebellion and discuss the issue of education and slavery I would like to begin to use take these separate ideas and begin to take a better look into the condition of our current public education system.


Looking at what we said about the importance of education and its ability to bring freedom and understanding to our lives,

Why do you think that our country is having such a problem with its high school graduation rates, especially in urban areas?

When did education stop being “Dangerous”, and start becoming “Optional” ?



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