Mon. 2/27 & Tues. 2/28- Chapter 13.1 “Trails West”

Learning Targets

I CAN identify the three major trails that were used by settlers to move westward


If you were going to take a two month journey through the wilderness,

what are the 5 most essential items that you will need to bring.

The Main Course

Today we will be looking into the three major trail that were used by settlers to move westward. Now although these trail all went west they all had different destinations.

To help the students get a grasp of the dangers and obstacles that these pioneers faced on these trails, we will watch the following video:

After this we will use the THINK / PAIR / SHARE method to fill in the provided section of notes that will help us to better understand the 3 different trails.

Note: We used different markers to highlight the different trails on our notes

Today’s Reading: Chapter 13.1 Trails West

Today’s Notes:13.1 Trail West GN

Today’s PowerPoint:13.1 Trails West



We will completing the following Oregon Trail Challenge and map activity:


died of dysentery

Additional Resources:








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