Mon. 3/20 & Tues 3/21 – Chapter 14.3 “Reforming American Society”

In this unit we will be looking into a number of reforms that took place in Antebellum (Pre-Civil War) America. During this time in American society there was a growing need to focus on the application of our core democratic values of liberty, equality, and voting to everyone equally.

Learning Targets

I CAN explain the purpose of the Second Great Awakening

I CAN explain why the Temperance Movement was created and what its purpose is

I CAN identify Horace Mann as major influence in the reform of public education

brainstormWhat are 5 of the biggest social problems that exist in America today?

The Main Course

On Monday, we will be looking over the material of chapter 14.3 in the book and fill in the provided guided notes for the section. To help with this material we will have a power point that will go along with the guided notes.

To help understand each of the movements we will look closely at each of the following images and match them to their respective movements.

14.3 images

For Tuesday we will be working in groups doing a silent discussion activity. Each group will choose a provided question that will deal with a selected topic of reform. Each group will then briefly share their answers with the class.

Here is a list of all the needed material for this lesson:

Reading from the book: Chapter 14.3 Reforming American Society

Guided Notes:  14.3-Reforming American Society GN

Power Point:  14.3 Reforming American Society

Silent Discussion Activity:  14.3 Group Questions_Silent Discussion


 Please choose and answer one of the possible questions below:

Do you think that it would be possible to have another great awakening in today’s society? If so, what is one of the major problems it could fix and how would it do it?

What do you think Horace Mann would think about today’s public education system? (Is education today still the great equalizer) What are two things he would like about it and two things he would think went completely wrong?

Extra Resource:



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