Mon 2/05 – Fri 2/09 – 11.1″Americas 3 Growing Regions”

For the next two days we will be looking at portion of American history where the development of new technology lead to great social, political, and economic changes. Through the use of new inventions, our country will undertake a revolution in farming, factory production, and cotton production.

Learning Targets

State Standard: U4.2.1 Compare and Contrast the social economic systems of the Northeast and South.

I CAN IDENTIFY the three major regions of the U.S, the influential invention that supported its growth and their specialized economic product.

I CAN CREATE a flow map that shows how goods are traded between the 3 regions


What are the 3 most important inventions

that changed the world?

The Main Course


To help understand the material that we will cover in 11.1, We will first start with defining “Industrial” and “Revolution”.

We will watch the Flocabulary video about the Industrial revolution and take a look at the connection it makes to people, production, and profit.

To bring light to some of the changes that came from a craftsmen based economy to a mass produced one we will run a mock production experiment by assembling paper roller skates by groups and as individuals.

We will focus on the following reflection questions (Tuesday):



Today we will read Chapter 11.1 and part of 11.2 and fill in the guided reading chart.

Today’s Readings:

Section 11.1 Early Industry and Inventions

Section 11-2 Plantations and Slavery Spread


Today’s Guided Reading Chart:

Americas Three Growing Regions


Once we have had a change to read each of the sections we will then put our data on the following flow map and use the following power point to fill in the second page of our notes:

U.S. 3 regions map Image

PowerPoint: America’s 3 Growing Regions

 Advanced American History:

In class we will be breaking up into groups of 4 to examine the relationship between the creation of the listed inventions in section 11.1 and their larger social and economic impact on the country as a whole.

We will use the following guided questions below and share our findings to the class. Once completed we will fill the flow map shown above.

Inventions_Group activity

Additional Resources:


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