Wed. 2/14 – “Nationalism vs. Sectionalism”

Learning Targets

I CAN explain the difference between Nationalism and Sectionalism

I CAN identify the specific interests of the three regions of the U.S.

I CAN explain the importance of the Erie Canal.


Please think about a time when you were with a group of friends or family and they got into a argument.

What were those arguments about?

(1 – 2 word answers)

The Main Course

Using the topics that were shared from our Brainstorm ?, lets compare our reasons for conflict to those of the three growing regions of the U.S.

Today we will be looking into the developing divisions that were taking place between the three major growing regions of the U.S.

We will be doing a THINK / PAIR / SHARE activity to help break up the needed information of section 11.3 in the book.

Below I have posted the needed Guided Notes, Section from the book, and Power Point

Reading: Chapter 11.3 Nationalism vs. Sectionalism

Guided Notes: 11.3 Nationalism vs. Sectionalism GN

Power Point: 11.3- National v. Sectionalism


The Erie Canal:


Knowing that these three regions all desperately needed each other for their own individual growth, why do you think that they all began to develop such divisions between them?


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