Thurs 3/1 – Fri 3/2 – “The Hopes of Immigrants”

Learning Targets

I can Identify which continent the majority of American immigrants came from.

I can Identify some of the economic and social problems that many American immigrants faced here in America. 

I can Define “Nativism”


What Nationality is your family?

( Where did your family come from?) 

The Main Course

Tues: Students will first read the section 14.1 in the book and fill in the following notes:

Reading:      14.The Hope of Immigrants

Guided Notes:    14.1 Guided Notes

Class Experiment

Today to start this lesson I will show the class five different pictures. Each picture will remain on the screen for 15 seconds. I want each student to write down your first thoughts

After each picture has been shown, I ask the students to put a star next to any comment that would be considered racist or prejudice. This experiment was designed to lead into the issue of Nativism that arose with the influx of immigrants coming into this country during the first major wave of the 1800’s

Guided Notes: 14.1 Notes

Powerpoint: 14.1 Hopes of Immigrants

Reflection Question:

What would a good example be for something that would have the handle #earlyamericanimmigrantproblems.


My 12 year old son broke his leg today at work.#earlyamericanimmigrantproblems

Can you get the measles twice? #earlyamericanimmigrantproblems

Looks like someone broke into my apartment again. #earlyamericanimmigrantproblems


  How is Nativism being shown in the following picture:


 We will fill in the following chart:

Political Cartoon Evaluator

Does the idea of “Nativism” still exist in our society today?

If so, where/how do you see it?

Why does this still exist?

Additional Resources;



2 thoughts on “Thurs 3/1 – Fri 3/2 – “The Hopes of Immigrants”

  1. Loving the information on your website. It’s very helpful! I haven’t taught American History is a few years, so I appreciate the information provided to view. Thanks again! Hope to see more! ~J.Armstrong

    • Thank You!

      It is very encouraging to hear that this website is being used outside of my classroom.
      This is always a work in process (just like teaching). Please feel free to share this content and any additional ideas on improvements that could be made to make it better.

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