Mon. 3/12 – “The Trail of Tears”

Learning Targets

I can identify Andrew Jackson as the president who ordered the Indian Removal Act

I can explain the purpose and controversy that arose from the Indian Removal Act


What does Eviction mean?

   Why does it happen?    

How does it relate to “Property Ownership”?

The Main Course

After reviewing our views of Andrew Jackson from the previous day we will now look into a major event in the presidency of Andrew Jackson that has forever been a major point of controversy in the history of our country.

The Trail of Tears

We will be doing a Guided notes assignment from Chapter 12.2.

Guided Notes: GN Chapter 12.2 The Trail of Tears

Chapter 12.2 from the book: Reading Chapter 12.2 The Trail of Tears

 Chapter 12.2 Recap Notes- 12.2 Trail of Tears GN


Please explain the following passage:

 “Jackson believed that the government had the right to regulate where Native Americans could live. He viewed them as conquered subjects who lived with the borders of the United States.”

Extra Information on the Treatment of Native Americans and the U.S. expansion West

Wed Night Homework Map-


Adv Am History Homework-



Extra Resources

 Thought Provoking Media:


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