Thurs. 3/15-Fri 3/16 – Chapter 13.2 “The Texas Revolution”

Learning Targets

I CAN create a flow map that shows the important events that led to the independence of Texas

I CAN explain the two key reasons why Texas did not immediately become a state in the U.S.


Please explain how who would react if you had a roommate that began to stop paying rent, break the rules of the apartment, and claim that the apartment was theirs and could do whatever they wanted.

The Main Course

Today we will be a creating flow map that displays the different factors and events that led to the Texas Revolution.

To do this we will be using section 13.2 in the book to help us identify the key events and a provided flow map to help fill in the order of events.

Once completed, the flow map will then be glued into our notebooks.

Please see provided resources:

Chapter in the book: 13.2 The Texas Revolution

Flow Map: 13.2 The Texas Revolution GN

Class Power Point: 13.2 The Texas Revolution


What are some similarties and differences between the American Revolution and the Texas Revolution?

Additional Resources:

The Alamo


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