Mon. 3/19 – Tuesday 3/20 “The Mexican – American War”

Learning Targets

I CAN explain the connection between the idea of Manifest Destiny and the Mexican American war

I CAN explain why the cause and purpose of this war became so controversial in America

I CAN Identify the Mexican Cession


Please describe a time in your life when you felt “Bullied”

The Main Course

Today we will be looking into the Mexican American War.

In this war we will see for the first time America become the aggressor in a war when the motives for war of President James K. Polk become challenged, especially in the North where many feel that he is looking to gain new land in the South in which to spread the practice of slavery.

In class we will be reading section 13.3 in the book and filling in the important information within a Cause and Effect Map.

Please see the material below-

Reading from the book:

13.3 The War with Mexico

Cause and Effect Map:

13.3 Mexican American War GN

 final_thoughtsUsing your current knowledge of the Mexican-American War,

mexican am war

 How does this image portray the Mexican – American War?

Political Cartoon Evaluator

Additional Resources:


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