Mon. 4/30 – Tues 5/1 – Conflicts over States Rights

Today we will be looking into the issue of Nationalism and Sectionalism in relation to the grow of Americas three growing regions; North , South,  and the West.

What we will ask ourselves today is “What happens when these three regions begin to grow and have conflicts with issues through the sale of public land, Internal Improvement, and the use of Tariffs.

Learning Targets

I CAN DEFINE and Distinguish the differences of Nationalism, Sectionalism, and Federalism

I Can Identify the economic connection that exists between the North and the West with the rise of internal improvements

I Can Explain why the South is negatively effected by the use of Tariffs though its trade with European countries

I Can Identify the growing economic tension between the North and the South.


Please discuss about a recent CONFLICT that has happened in your life.

What was it over and has it been resolved?

The Main Course

We will be using the following document: Conflict Between the States

To start we will define the three key terms of


We will then use the smartboard to fill in a Venn Diagram of what Federalism does to the powers of government. Once completed, the class will decide on who should decide the issue of slavery; National or State Governments?

We will now need to review the economic interests of each of the three listed U.S regions.

Students will need to read the first paragraph on pg 341.

Chapter 11.3 Nationalism vs. Sectionalism

The next day students will continue to use the definition of Federalism ask  the important question of

“What rights does a State or region have when it believes that the National government is acting to benefit one region over another?”

To do this we will be reading from Chapter 12.3 in the book and within our group filling in a chart to break down the complex relationships and conflicts that are beginning to develop.

Today’s Resources:

Reading: Section 12.3 Conflicts over States Rights

Helpful Powerpoint: 12.3 Conflicts Over States Rights


To put an image on what this chart is saying, we will illustrate each of the arrows on our 3 regions map below.

U.S. 3 regions map Image


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