Tues. 5/8 – 15.1 Growing Tensions between the North and the South

Learning Targets

I Can Differentiate between the economic & labor conditions of the North and the South

I Can Explain the lack of social and political rights of free and slave African Americans in the North and South

brainstormPlease explain how Slavery and Economics are connected?

The Lesson

In todays lesson we will be reviewing our understanding of the economies and infrastructure of the North and South. We will also begin to look into the sad reality that although African Americans can be considered free in the North, they are not viewed as equals and have a very limited scope of rights, of which does not include the right to vote.

To help with the information from the first two sections of 15.1 we will be filling in a two column chart. the room will be divided into two sections the North and the South will be responsible for getting the information for their select region.

As a class we will then discuss our findings.

Todays Resources

Reading: 15.1 Growing Tension Between North and South

Two Column Chart: 15.1 GN

Power Point: 15.1 Growing Tension Between North and South


Two key items we will discuss today are

1.  If only a small amount of wealthy planters were able to afford to have slaves, why were so many people in the south willing to risk their lives fighting for something that they themselves could not afford?

2. If the North didn’t want slavery but wasn’t going to grant free slaves equal rights, what was it about slavery that they feared so much?



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