Thur. 5/10 -Fri 5/11 – 15.2 “The Crisis Deepens”

FrLearning Targets

I can Define the Fugitive Slave Act

I Can explain the connection between Bleeding Kansas and the Kansas-Nebraska Act



Please explain a time in your life when you disobeyed / broke the rules because it was the right thing to do.


The Main Course

In today’s lesson we will look into chapter 15.2 which will introduce us into a number of issues that will help to bring about a greater divide between the North and South. Issues such as The Fugitive Slave act and the Kansas – Nebraska act will bring our country on the bring of conflict.


Reading: 15.2 The Crisis Deepens

Guided Notes: 15.2 The Crisis Deepens GN

Power Point: 15.2 The Crisis Deepens


Extra Resources:


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