Mon. 5/14 – Who is Dred Scott?

Learning Targets

I Can identify the importance of the Dred Scott v. Sanford court decision on the status of slaves in 1850’s America

I Can explain the role that the Dred Scott decision had in placing limits on governments ability to control the spread of slavery


If a slave owners moves from a slave state to free state and brings his slaves, do his slaves become free or remain slaves?

The Lesson

Today we will be looking into the courts decision in the Dred Scott v. Sanford case and the role it played in defining the legal status of slaves and the limits it placed on the Federal Government to control the spread of slavery.

To help get a better understanding of the life of Dred Scott and his case for freedom, we will first look at the many places that he was taken under the shekels of slavery. To do this the teacher will pick a student to mark each of Scotts movements upon a map of the U.S. during the Missouri compromise.

Where did Dred Scott live?

missouri compromise

In class we will now be working in partners to answer 5 important questions that will help us better understand the importance of this verdict.

Please look at the section: “The Case of Dred Scott” on pgs. 451-452

1. In the case Dred Scott v. Sandford, Why does Dred Scott believe that he should be a free man?

2. In this case Chief Justice Roger B. Taney will make two major decisions about the status of Dred Scott. Each decision will have a major result on not only Dred Scott, but also every other slave in the U.S. What are both of Justice Taney’s decisions and what were their direct results?
     1. Decision=_____________________________ as a result,________________________________
     2.   Decision=_____________________________ as a result,________________________________

3. But Justice Taney did not stop there, Please explain what other major decision was made in this case that would have a direct effect on slavery in the United States.

4.Now looking back on your answers from #2 and #3 about the major decisions that were made in this case.  What effects will this have on the spread / restrictions of slavery?

5. What effect will this decision have on the lives of both slaves and free African Americans?

Class Resources:

Reading: 15.3 Slavery Dominates Politics

Dred Scott Questions: Who is Dred Scott

Power Point: who is Dred Scott

Video Explanation:


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