Tues 5/15 – Who is John Brown?

Learning Targets

I Can Explain John Brown’s role in Bleeding Kansas

I Can Explain who the actions of John Brown were a major contributing factor in the start of the Civil War


Based on our reading about John Brown and Bleeding Kansas, what do you think about him?

Please place a dot on where you believe he is on the vertices of


John Brown Vertices

The Lesson

To start todays lesson we will watch the following video that will tie together earlier lessons on Abolitionists with William Lloyd Garrison, The cause and effects of the Kansas-Nebraska act, and the action of John Brown.

In our Notebooks we will now look to answer the 3 following questions:

1. What role did John Brown play in the slavery controversy?

2. What were John Brown’s plans and hopes for leading an attack on Harper’s Ferry?

3. How did John Brown fell that the only way to end slavery was?

To answer these questions we will watch the following video:


Now that we have had a chance to look into the life, ideas and actions, please examine the following picture. How is John Brown portrayed in this picture and what is the artist trying to say:

johnbrown3Extra Resource:

john brown2


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