5/21 Mon – 5/22 Tues – The Election of 1860

Learning Targets

I Can Explain why the election of 1860 was the start of the Southern Secession from the U.S.


Please explain a time in your life when you experienced a break up or broken friendship.

What was it over and were you able to mend the relationship?



The Main Course

Today we will be looking into the Election of 1860.

This will be a point in American history where everything we have talked about this year (Federalists v. Anti-Federalists, regionalism v. Nationalism, Abolition, Manifest Destiny, Tariffs , Industrial Revolution, Fredrick Douglas, The Compromises of Missouri and 1850, etc) culminates into single event that will forever change the course of our country.

Today we will look into the elections candidates, the results and the southern response.

Class Resources:

Reading: 15.4 Lincoln’s Election and Southern Secession

Guided Notes: The Election of 1860 GN

Power Point: 15.4 The Election of 1860


Election of 1860 Campaign Poster directions

Extra Resource:


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