Tues. 5/29 – 16.1 War Erupts pt.1

Learning Targets

  • I CAN IDENTIFY the reason why each side was fighting the war

  • I CAN EXPLAIN the significance of Fort Sumter to the start of the war

  • I CAN DEFINE what a BORDER STATE is and why they are so valuable in the Civil War.

brainstormPlease discuss a time in your life when you were caught between two sides in a disagreement and were asked to pick a side.

The Main Course

Today in class we will begin the Civil War. By reading the first half of chapter 16 we will begin to get a good look into the initial conflict of the war and how each side would react to it.

Within groups of 2, students will read the first three sections of 16.1 and fill in the needed information on their guided notes paper for their notebook.

At the start of day 2, we will watch the following video below and ask ourselves these questions:

-How does this video reflect symbols from the Civil War?

-How do the lyrics of this song illustrate the idea of war and conflict?

– Why do you think the musicians picked this theme to illustrate their song?

Todays Resources:

Textbook: 16.1 War Erupts

Guided Notes:  16.1 War Erupts GN

Class Power Point:  16.1 War Erupts



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