Tues 11/14- Chapter 8 Test Review

Test Review: Chapter 8 Test Review   Textbook Pages: Articles of Confederation- chapter-8-1_the-confederation-era Constitutional Convention- Section 8-2 Creating the Constitution Federalists vs. Anti Federalists- ┬áChapter 8.3_Ratifing the Consititution Helpful Notes: Constitutional Convention- the-need-for-compromise_constitutional-convention    

Monday 11/6- Constitutional Convention WebQuest

Today we will be completing the following web quest on the Constitutional Convention: Constitutional Convention WebQuest   To help with the speed of this assignment, you can use the links provided in the document above to direct you to each of the websites. Once there, you can write your answers down on the paper copy…

Tues 10/24 – Articles of Confederation Open Note Quiz

For today’s quiz you will need the following notes: Pg. 13 – 7.4 Legacy of War Pg. 21 – 8.1 The Confederation Era Pg. 31 – The Articles of Confederation Pg. 38 – Shays Rebellion   Adv. American History: Extended Response Question: Please explain how the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation lead to the…

Tues 6/6 – Wed 6/7- Final Exam Review

This Years Review for the Final Exam: Final Review 2017 Resources: Chapter 14.3 Reforming American Society 14.4 Abolition & Women Rights 15.1 Growing Tension Between North and South 15.2 The Crisis Deepens 15.3 Slavery Dominates Politics 15.4 Lincoln’s Election and Southern Secession 16.1 War Erupts