Fri. 9/22 – Open Note Quiz

Today we will be taking an open note quiz. The material that we will focus on will be the following: – John Locke’s ideas about Natural Rights, the State of Nature, and the Social Contract – The League of the Iroquoians Indians “Great Law of Peace” – The 13 American Colonies. – ¬†Increased tension between…

Tues 11/29 – Thurs 12/1 – UNIT 2 TEST and Review

Topics included on the Test- The Articles of Confederation Chapter 8.1_The Confederation Era Constitutional Convention Section 8-2 Creating the Constitution Federalists v. Anti-Federalists Chapter 8.3_Ratifting the Consitution 7 Constitutional Principles 7 Principles of the Constitution Checks and Balances Flow map Checks and Balances Flow Chart Bill of Rights Electoral College Additional Resource: